Wednesday 22nd: Amman / Philadelphia

Greetings from Amman where it was in the 60s and sunny today. I see that you got home safe and sound and snowy. Yay! Now get your sleep and rediscover your proper time zone.

David is going to be fine. It’s going to take some time, though, and we don’t know yet how long it will be. Keep him in your prayers.

From the theater looking to the tel and acropolis with the Temple of Hercules in the distance

As for me… I slept in till after 7am. Had a breakfast of (guess!) veggies, olives, eggs, and sundry pastries. Ran some errands with David, and then I headed out. I walked to the ancient city of Philadelphia, one of the Decapolis cities in the Roman period. Guess what! I walked to the acropolis of the tel, saw a temple, palace, gateways, a Byzantine church, two museums with lots of old stuff, a huge theater (the one in Caesarea Maritima we visited held 3500; this one which was still largely original held 6000), an Odeion, and (you’re waiting for it…) water systems and a huge cistern. I also took a picture of a cat. Total elevation gain of 1058 feet. Miles walked: 8.6. I know you all wish you could have gone along with me to see all the ruins.

Picture of cat in the ruins

For supper, I’m anticipating the same here at the hotel as last night. Guess what they serve! A variety of veggies, salads, bread, soup, chicken, beef, rice, pasta, and a mix of desserts based on honey or gelatinous stuff in florescent shades of pink and yellow. (What? No fish or potatoes??) I did find chocolate bars for cheap, however, so we’re all good.

Oh, and I also saw the national bird of Jordan (according to Mohammad). BTW, the NET folks have been just great, and Mohammad stopped to visit us today and brought a platter of incredible dates for us.

National bird of Jordan

Stay tuned for further updates…

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