Monday 20th: Bethany beyond the Jordan and Gerash

This will have to be quick, because we are supposed to wake up in 3 hours for our flight home. So, quick summary:

Another beautiful day! It was positively hot  at the baptismal site. We see that it is 22 degrees and a snowstorm when we get back to Dulles tomorrow.

The day started with an early morning float in the Dead Sea.


Our first stop was Bethany beyond the Jordan At the traditional site (and now there is a facility on the Israel side as well) of the baptism of Jesus, we affirmed out baptisms and signed with the waters of the Jordan.

On the way north we stopped at the Jabbok River and remembered Jacob’s wrestling with the angel.

Next stop was Gerash (Gerasa), a city of the decapolis. What a city! Roman engineering and aesthetics at its finest.


We had an elegant closing meal in Amman. There were so many delicious appetizers that we were almost too full for the main course. Almost…

On a serious note, David H in our group fell from a horse in Petra yesterday because the saddle had not been properly cinched. Rick C accompanied him to the hospital today where it was determined that he had indeed fractured a rib and punctured a lung. This means he is hospitalized and will need to stay in Amman a few days before flying home. Please keep him in your prayers.

Next post in the USA!

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