Sunday 18th: Petra

So the day started with me facing this. Some kind of experimental testing chamber? In its prime, this was probably a pretty fancy shower, but I was lucky to figure out how to get a shower at all from it.


Once past that hurdle, we got an early start on Petra. It simply is an amazing site, and we again had incredible weather. The blue of the sky against the hues of the rock are gorgeous. Of course you do have to fight your way through the persistent horde of vendors offering camel and donkey rides and trinkets beyond counting. I’ll just let some pics define the day.

Entering the Siq



Exiting the Siq


The Zion Lutheran Middletown (MD) contingent in front of the Petra Treasury


Tombs in the valley


It was almost 4 miles in and then it’s a matter of retracing steps out. Before the trip, someone asked how far we’d be walking each day. I guessed about 3 miles. Rick E in the group has been tracking it, and we are averaging 5.5 miles per day. No wonder we’re eating so much!

Also, in previous posts I mentioned a couple other bloggers on the trip. I forgot to mention the blog Victoria L has been keeping. It’s really excellent. Start HERE with day 1 and move forward.

Tonight we are staying at the Dead Sea. It’s hard to believe tomorrow is our last day

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