Getting Ready to Go – Barbara Oshlo Reporting

I am very excited for this trip to begin! It feels like it has been quite a journey just to get to this day…figuring what to bring, packing, passports and so may different details to see to and take care of! (What’ll we do with the dogs?!)  It has been long anticipated and now it seems almost impossible that the day is finally here! I’m so curious to see what my reactions will be?  Will it be like I’ve pictured it in my mind? Have I hyped it up all of my life? Will it be exciting,moving, disappointing, surprising?  I expect the answer is the Lutheran…’yes!’to all of the above!

Will I be a better Bible teacher when it’s over? Will I love it more, or less?  Again, most likely-YES!  So, off we go…gearing up for the reality of a place, that for me, has always seemed a bit unreal. Hope the collision of fantasy and reality is full of surprise and learning.

When we travel we open ourselves up to being changed, to expanding our vision. I’m wondering where and how that will happen.  Glad that we will be documenting all of our impressions, reactions and feelings about this “Holy Land”. Shalom!  I’m also excited to be meeting new people and getting to know better, those I know.  Do I sound like a kid in a candy store? I am, and feel so blessed!

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